West End Morecambe Big Local

Entry no. 8 “Blue boat”: It was taken at the boat ramp just past the Grosvenor building where myself and a friend go swimming in the summer, something we didn’t know if was allowed during 2020, a familiar theme of the year. This was taken one evening on a (socially responsible) walk on a late summer/early autumn night. As we were sat there, a gentleman landed his boat and had a distanced conversation about the evening and just general small talk. Usually, whilst not impolite, we are not comfortable in making conversation with people we don’t know, but this conversation was such a welcome break from the lack of socialisation we were feeling compared to The Before Times. Although the boat is solitary in the wide seascape, it is still connected to the things around it in a sense of harmonious cohesion, much like we were to it’s captain.

Entry no. 8 "Blue boat"