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We have currently put both Community Chest Grants and West End Ideas on temporary hold whilst the partnership reviews how they have been working and how they might be improved.
Whilst that is happening WE WILL NOT be accepting submissions from either. The basic information is left up here to look at for reference only.

Under the ‘Community’ heading in our Action Plan, we have allocated some of its’ budget to a Community Chest grant fund.

Here is a brief summary of our current action plan priorities.

There are individuals, groups and organisations who are already doing things but have other ideas for making life better for West End residents. The Community Chest fund is their chance to help make these happen. This is open to applications up to and around £500. This grant is only open to groups or organisations with a bank account.

Small businesses may also apply but they must be formally established and registered, and grants will only be considered for things which directly support the community.

The Community Chest review panel meets quarterly to look at applications but Community Chest is currently on hold for review and we ARE NOT accepting applications at the current time.

To be clear – this is not for funding significantly larger than the stated amount. But if your application links with something larger that WEM is already looking at we might get in touch to discuss other support outside of the Community Chest scheme.


Online Form | Download the Doc Form | Download the PDF Version | Guidelines | Ask for Help

Please also take a few minutes to read the Grant Panel Decision Making Process notes.

Question: Do we do larger grants?

WEM is working to meet outcomes in its’ Action Plan by building partnerships with organisations who can deliver work that fits into that plan. Partnerships are started through informal conversations as well as coming from open events. See Larger ProjectsBecause of this, we do not accept unsolicited applications for larger grants.


Funded via the National Lottery via Big Local and Local Trust