West End Morecambe Big Local

Larger Projects


We know there are many partners and organisations based or working in the West End who deliver activity which works to achieve the same aims and outcomes as the West End Morecambe Big Local Action Plan. WEM want to build links and partnerships which may lead to mutually supporting each other, and where appropriate, to using WEM funding to support part of the activity.

Here is a brief summary of our current action plan priorities.

West End Morecambe Big Local was awarded one million pounds to spend over ten years. That works out at around £100,000 a year. This is very little in comparison to what the local government or public services invest, or the spending on local voluntary groups. Because of this, we have prioritised what we will do through an Action Plan. If you are an organisation whose work fits the outcomes we are working to deliver, then we encourage you to get in touch with us.

This may start through open conversations as well as at open events where we invite groups and organisations to find out more.

An initial discussion would lead to detailed questions about activity, costs and outcomes. If we then agree to support a project in ‘outline’ we will ask you to complete a formal ‘application’ form. The key things to consider in conversations will be…

  • Fitting in with the outcomes of the West End Morecambe Big Local action plan.
  • Being able to very strongly evidence what outcomes are achieved.
  • How the activity will be self-sustaining beyond WEM’s support.
  • How the activity works toward WEM’s resident priorities.
  • Local organisations working together in partnership.

To be clear – we cannot support every project in the West End no matter how good they all are. The real value in what WEM can do is in better linking individuals and organisations together to support each other.

Get in touch about starting a conversation


Funded via the National Lottery via Big Local and Local Trust