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We have currently put both Community Chest Grants and West End Ideas on temporary hold whilst the partnership reviews how they have been working and how they might be improved.
Whilst that is happening WE WILL NOT be accepting submissions from either. The basic information is left up here to look at for reference only.

West End Morecambe Big Local (WEM) involves local residents through its’ resident-led partnership, through meetings and through public consultation with things like surveys and open events.

Even so, we know that there are local residents who have a great idea for making life better for residents in the West End Morecambe Big Local area but don’t quite know how to make it happen – perhaps because they are not part of an existing group or organisation.

Our West End Ideas form allows you to put in a suggestion for something that you think WEM could look at and if it’s something that fits in with our plan, we will try and link you with a group that maybe can help you make it happen.

You don’t have to have everything worked out but just explain the idea as best you can. We cannot promise the world but we want to make sure there’s a way to at least hear your ideas because sometimes a small suggestion can lead to big things.

To be clear – this is not about getting money directly from WEM, but about linking you to a group or organisation that might help take this forward. If the idea takes off then we might also be able to support it with some funding to help get things going.


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Funded via the National Lottery via Big Local and Local Trust