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How We Fund

WEM has evolved its funding over a number of years. The biggest shift has been away from a system focussed on giving grants under loose themes. This is because it didn’t work. Strategic needs and goals got lost in a free-for-all where the focus was on accessing what many saw as a stash of cash, and which some felt they had an entitlement to when they really did not. The approach encouraged competing interests, tensions and even hostility between individuals and groups, some who were involved within WEM itself.

We now commission work and will only do that when it meets a strategic local need or relates to our Action Plan work. 

We recognise the challenges of local groups and organisations to find funding to do what they do but WEM no longer gives out grants.

We are keen to hear about new initiatives and ideas and will always look to build bridges and find links to the work is on our Action Plan. So please get in touch if you think something is important or relates to the activity in our plan. 

We can also sometimes link project ideas with other useful partners. 

We are always interested to know what initiatives are taking place but general inquiries about getting money or grants is something we no longer consider.

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