West End Morecambe Big Local


Projects and Work

WEM-Projects and WorkWEM activity supported with funding from November 2018 to November 2019

In the last twelve months, the small Community Chest grants have supported…

• Out in the Bay, £500 toward Morecambe Pride website.
• Stanley’s Community Centre, £500 support toward a resident flu programme.
• Enable chronic illness group, £670 toward day trip for grieving members.
• Friends of the Alhambra & Carleton Suite, £500 for a community Christmas event.
• West End Primary School, £500 for a giant inflatable film screen and projector.
• Grace Ministries, £500 toward Hobby Hut.
• Bay Casting, £500 toward helping West End residents to join local casting agency.
• West End Impact, £500 to produce 3000 free ‘Help in Morecambe’ booklets.
• Home-Start Morecambe, £500 for training volunteers in safeguarding and first aid.
• Regent Park Studio, £500 toward a Horror Film Festival.
• Melting Pot, £140 toward a new premises development.
• West End Community Choir, £555 toward the group’s activities.
• More Music, £500 towards accessible chairs for ‘Seagull Cafe’ project.

Larger projects have included …

• Partnership with Stanley’s Community Centre and Morecambe Bay Credit Union, £600 to allow free Credit Union membership for 150 residents.
• Partnership with Friends of Regent’s Park and Lancaster Council for £20,000 matching another £20,000 to ‘pocket park’ regeneration of parts of the park.
• Partnership with Stanley’s Community Centre for £20,000 toward a foundation project for the new ‘hub’ centre and toward capacity building for the organisation.
• West End Primary, £2304 to support a giant whole school ‘theatre for all’ visit.
• More Together produced another community magazine in January 2019 although this was supported with funding agreed back in 2017.
• Creative Civic Change. 

Other activity over the last year

Several other major projects are in discussion, and a range of other initiatives waiting to be discussed. Across the last year, the work of WEM, as well as projects supported, will have drawn in approximately £270,000 plus worth of additional funding and activity.


One of the challenges we faced in our first year was that some projects forgot to credit the support West End Morecambe Big Local gave, so many local people didn’t even know that some of the things they saw or took part in were being funded by us.
Here then are some of the projects and activities West End Morecambe Big Local has supported and funded previously, showing the range from big to small; West End Festival 2017, West End Weekend 2016, Mini Illuminations 2016, Red Rose Community Centre, West End Impact advice and guidance, Shooting Stars nursery group, Bipolaroid photographer and Yorkshire Street Mural. Seven grants toward improving house fronts, Out in the Bay LGBT, Crazy Cat charity shop, More Together Magazine, Balmoral Community Allotment, Gardening tools for volunteers, Xeed, Morecambe Fringe Festival, Make My Day Festival, Northern Angelz, Regent Park Studios, Stanley’s Youth & Community Centre and groups, and Wise Up Workshops.