West End Morecambe Big Local



West End Morecambe Big Local logoWest End Morecambe – Big Local (WEM) is a resident-led community partnership working to help improve the West End area of Morecambe through tackling issues which affect the area and working with others to provide a voice for the local community. We are one of 150 similar partnerships across the country who together make up the Big Local programme.

The West End is a close and lively community that looks out on one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. However, it also faces significant challenges related to economic and social deprivation. As a community, we live with these challenges every day and in doing so are best placed when it comes to contributing to the ambition of making things better.

WEM was awarded one million pounds over ten years (around £100,000 per year) and charged with spending that through an Action Plan drawn up by local people. Our current Action Plan is for three years and was agreed in the summer of 2018. We are not a charity nor do we have a bank account. We are accountable to Local Trust who agree our budget and Lancaster CVS, our Local Trusted Organisation who administer the funds.

Our work is shaped through local consultation and we encourage new ideas and new ways of working collectively. This brings its own challenges when there are so many different opinions about what needs doing and how to do it. While WEM is not a magic pill, the funding helps tackle the issues our community faces and helps make small but positive differences. By focusing on local issues through our Action Plan we can build a strategy for working together with the community to make the West End a better place to live.

You can find out more about West End Morecambe – Big Local, and the work we do, from our website and keep up-to-date by joining our mailing list or checking in on our Facebook page.

*Some of you may notice our name changed a while back from “West End Million” to “West End Morecambe Big Local”. This is primarily because we recognised that for many, the word ‘million’ suggests we are simply a purse or a grant fund when, as a Big Local we are much more than that.