West End Morecambe Big Local




Aims, Plan & How We Work

Our vision centres on “Our community, taking action and being heard”. To this end we have created four themes that cover how we work and direct what we aspire to achieve:

Community: people are at the heart of what we do, but a community isn’t something that just happens. It takes understanding and effort to engage people together in a meaningful way and to support social networks and create shared visions and values.

Health & Well-being: the basics that help our community thrive, and will help us all reach our individual or collective potential, including issues such as affordable food, fuel, social empowerment and positive reflection on the community.

Enterprise and Economy: Supporting new skills development and better pathways to work and employment for West End residents as well as supporting local organisations who can make this happen and helping to fill gaps in what’s needed.

Place: is about how together we can best support and physically improve our neighbourhood looking at things such as improved use of green spaces, better working with partners and considering the issues around landlord ownership.

We will use the above four themes as a framework to help shape the activities we do or give support to. Our focus is to work with residents within the West End but we will also link with and work with groups, organisations and agencies in Morecambe along and the region if their activity benefits the West End.

Our Plan

With the help of the Big Local, we regularly review our more focused goals and outcomes to reflect the changing issues or priorities within the West End, learning from what we have done previously. West End Morecambe Big Local is expected to produce a plan which presents evidence of local needs, issues and must lay out its future work. The current plan was agreed in mid 2018 and covers the next three years.

WEM plan cover image- aims, plan & how we work

Our Organisation and How We Work

West End Million Plan Area MapWest End Morecambe Big Local (WEM) is a community partnership and has a committee led by local residents who volunteer their time freely. We are an independent partnership and not part of the Council, housing associations or any political or religious organisation. Whilst other organisations and groups sometimes take part in discussions and debate it’s only residents that make decisions.

We currently have some part-time staff to support day to day activity but part of the Big Local project means we also contract a locally trusted organisation to help with the technical and legal side of delivering our activities as well as administer the funding we distribute. Our current locally trusted organisation (LTO) is Lancaster District Community and Voluntary Services. West End Morecambe Big Local also has support and oversight from the national Big Local programme which links back through a Big Local representative who attends our meetings.

West End Morecambe Big Local is open to any resident in the area and there are different ways you might want to get involved so please let us know if you’d like to help or volunteer or just join the mailing list to keep up to date with what West End Morecambe Big Local is doing.

West End Morecambe Big Local fundamentally relies on residents who volunteer, and that affects the way we work. Sometimes it is through learning as we progress but it also means we sometimes work at a slightly slower pace than organisations that have lots of full-time staff or managers.

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