West End Morecambe Big Local


As well as supporting the local urgent response fund for the Covid-19 crisis, West End Morecambe – Big Local (WEM) has agreed an important partnership with two primary schools in the West End to provide education packs for over 600 local children.

Working with both Sandylands and West End Primary schools, packs delivered in a leather backpack-for-life will provide pencils, pens, ruler, highlighter pens, whiteboard marker and whiteboard, notebooks, coloured pencils, scissors, glue, painting pallet and brushes, eraser and pencil sharpener.

Allison Hickson, Headteacher at Sandylands Primary School, said the two primary schools had quickly spotted the need. “The effect of home lockdown learning was almost immediate. Workbooks and activities for children to complete at home were provided quickly but the children needed the correct equipment to complete their work. Support from West End Morecambe Big Local has enabled our children to be equipped to continue with their learning at home during the crisis. It will also enable them with learning from home after the return to school as well.”

Chris Price, chair of WEM, indicated how the support was helping hundreds of children. “The schools identified families struggling with the very basics such as scissors and glue so the pack seemed like a simple but effective thing we could work with the schools to make happen. The pack will give local children all they need to complete their school work which for some would otherwise be impossible.

WEM has supported this joint project with £7000 toward the total costs, which will help over 600 children from the West End both now and in the future. This project is something exceptional during the Covid-19 crisis but it has laid the foundations for other joint work with the schools in the future.