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WEM visit from Local Trust CEO

“A fantastic area, loads of really committed people and a strong new plan”

That was the feedback from Matt Leach, CEO of Local Trust, who we were pleased to welcome on 31st August with a visit to talk about West End Million, and a tour around the area. Local Trust is the national organisation who oversees the funding the West End Million receives.

Matt was taken on a walking tour of the local area by residents involved with WEM and was shown some of the positives happening locally, as well as the challenges that our area faces. The visit ended at The Alhambra where members of West End Million partnership and representatives of some local groups and agencies chatted about the work going on locally.

Matt was encouraged about how things are now going with the West End Million and offered a number of new links and suggestion to help with the work we are doing. Thanks to Matt for coming and we look forward to inviting him back to see how we are progressing with the results of the new plan we are working to.